About Glow Products​

As we move North America, we are asked a lot of questions about the Glow Stone aggregates and Glow Products Polymeric Sand. Many of these questions are about the active luminescent compound, for example “how long will it glow” or “how long will the glow effect last.” We have gathered together many of your questions, and the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and responses follow below.

Glow Products Stones spilling out of jar image

How long will Glow Products Glow Stone Aggregates glow?

We have repeatedly tested the Glow Stone Aggregates and determined that the average glow time can be between 8-12 hours after exposure to one hour of direct sunlight. In indoor conditions, a sustained glow of 4-6 hours can achieved after 2-3 hours exposure to incandescent or halogen light. Your results may vary.

How long will Glow Products Glows Stone Aggregates last? (What is the working life of Glow Stone Aggregates)?

Because the luminescent action of Glow Stone Aggregates happens at a molecular level, there are no chemical reactions or electrical processes that take place. Glow Stone Aggregates have been tested to 20 million active cycles, and are estimated to last up to 20 years. (Check the Glow Stone Aggregates Warranty for further information).

Why do Glow Products glow?

All Glow Products –aggregates, pavers, polymeric sand- are manufactured using a photoluminescent (self-illuminating) compound that is activated by the presence of UV (ultraviolet) light. As the products absorb UV light from the sun during the day, they store the photo energy. That energy is visible for up to 8-12 hours after sundown. The effect is the same indors. Glow Products absorb UV light from incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen fixtures, and this becomes a visible glow when an area is no longer illuminated.

Are Glow Products Aggregates toxic? Will they burn? Will they react to solvents, acids, or other materials?

No. Glow Stone Aggregates are made of a pholuminescent compound that is suspended in glass or in a synthetic resinous material. By itself, the compound is non-reactive, non-toxic, and will not burn. This is also true when suspended in glass. When suspended in resin, the material can be scorched under high speed grinding. (See MSDS for more information).

How can I use Glow Products Aggregates and Polymeric Glow Sand?

Glow Products Aggregates and Glow Sand can be integrated into any cement, concrete, or plaster project. They can also be used on exterior and interior projects; for example poured concrete flatwork, or cast concrete countertops.
Outdoors they can be used for Walkways, Bike Paths, Driveways, Patio & Pool Decks, Stairs, Outdoor Entertainment Areas, Residential Pathways, Pools, Spas, Benches, 3D Sculptures, Exterior Support Walls etc… Indoors they can be used on Floors, Walls, Kitchen Counters, Bar Tops, Tables, Bathroom Vanities etc…

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