Frequently Asked Questions

As we move around the country, we are asked a lot of questions about Glow Path Pavers™, Glow Stone Aggregates, and Glow Products Glow Sand. Many of these questions are about the active luminescent compound; for example, “How long will it glow?” or, “How long will the glow effect last?”. We have gathered together many of your questions, and the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and responses follow below.

Will Glow Path Pavers glow stones shrink or expand?

Glow Path Pavers glow stones will NOT SHRINK OR EXPAND under any environmental conditions. They also will not be dislodged by freeze and thaw cycles and will remain firmly embedded for the life of the paver.

Are Glow Path Pavers Glow Stone Aggregates Toxic?

Glow Path Pavers Glow Stone Aggregates glow stones are inerts, non-toxic, and will not react with acids or oils.  Under certain conditions, chemical solvents may damage the aggregates

What color are Glow Path Pavers Glow Stone Aggregates in Daylight?

Glow Path Pavers Glow Stone Aggregates are off-white or light yellow-green in color during the day.

Can Glow Path Pavers be used to create shapes and patterns?

Yes, Glow Path Pavers can be easily laid in a variety of patterns.  How you use them is all up to your imagination.

Can Glow Path Pavers be used on exterior and interior projects.

Yes, Glow Path Pavers can be used wherever you wish. They can be used for walkways, bike paths, driveways, patio & pool decks, stairs, entertainment areas, benches, fireplaces, and walls. Use them for any commercial or residential project you can dream up.

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