Abruzzo Pavers 6″ x 12″

6x12 Abruzzo Glow Path Pavers™

Are named after the Abruzzo Italy region that has a natural predisposition for clay bricks. They offer neutral colors and the Glow Path aggregates create a stunning outdoor statement for your walkway, terrace, veranda or poolside patio. Our manufacturing process produces an excellent wear-resistant surface and a distinctive texture and glow.

Abruzzo Glow Path Pavers

Abruzzo Glow Path Pavers, offered as a 6″ x 12″ paver, have a smooth face and clean lines to create a stylish, contemporary look to your landscaping project. Mix and match Glow Path Pavers with other standard pavers to add accents or borders creating unique paver designs. Creating a WOW factor that will impress everyone is easy to achieve when you incorporate Abruzzo Glow Path Pavers into your project.
As with all Glow Path Pavers, these pavers use a specialized manufacturing process that creates a durable paver while providing a striking visual effect.
NOTE: Special installation required for vehicular use. Please call for details.


Paver Size (Nominal) 5-7/8” x 11-3/4” (150mm x 300mm)
2-23/64” (60mm)
3-5/32” (80mm)
3-15/16” (100mm)
Pavers Per Sq. Ft.
Pavers Per Pallet
Coverage Per Pallet
100 sq. ft.
80 sq. ft.
80 sq. ft.
Weight Per Piece
13.7 lbs.
17.7 lbs.
22.0 lbs.
Weight Per Pallet
2,747 lbs.
2,839 lbs.
3,522 lbs.

Laying Patterns

Running Bond
100% Recs.

Stacked Bond
100% Recs.

Basket Weave
100% Recs.

100% Recs.

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