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Stores & Dealers

We have a growing global network of amazing distributors. Through our dealer network, customers can order or pick up our professional-grade aggregate glow products including brick pavers and our retaining wall system.

We Currently Have A variety of Dealers in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Dubai
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam

Commercial Builders

Glow Path Pavers™ are available in custom-formed sizes for use in commercial and municipal applications. Public spaces, pedestrian walkways, and community recreational areas can benefit from our installations.

Glow Path Pavers advanced technology paver products add immeasurably to safety, enabling subtle and durable glow for 6-8 hours for municipal spaces, public parks, and office plazas. sidewalks.

Glow Path Pavers provide a flexible, virtually maintenance-free solution for your outdoor commercial needs.


Glow Path Pavers™ offer a great new look to any recreational area in and around your home. They bring a new and modern feel to a paved area to your home and property while maintaining a classic brick paver look.

Glow Path Pavers provide a soft, sophisticated glow in any area around your home and property, with the classic brick paver style. Nighttime around the pool, deck, or outdoor walkway has never looked better or been safer after dark.

DIY & Homeowners

Glow Path Pavers can be used decoratively in a variety of applications, ranging from pool, decks, and patios to outdoor entertainment areas and outdoor kitchens. They are also effective in garden areas or unlit walkways around your home, providing a margin of safety in unlit areas. This self-illuminating system is great for low-light areas such as driveways and walkways to guide your steps.